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 Program stručnog usavršavanja Vlade Crne Gore, MECOnet pozicije.  MECOnet profil.

MECOnet is awarded with EU H2020 project SMART4ALL, under the call DT-ICT-01-2019: Smart Anything Everywhere for connecting Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe... more about SMART4All

MECOnet is enrolled in Register of Inovative organisations of Montenegro...register

MECO'2019 and ECYPS'2019 are over!.  MECO'2019 become a key event in Embedding Computing, Cyber Physiscal Sytems and Internet of Things in Mediterranean and European Area. This year we ahd 186 accepted papers with authors from more than 45 countries. We worked in 10 thematic sessions, workshops or Summer Schools. We had 10 outstanding keynote sepakers, among them Addressing of Nobel Milton Friedman.

⇒ We are very proud on Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things - CPS&IoT’2019, a new MECOnet product which had 35 excellent instructors or students. 

⇒ The selected keynote pressentations are accessible at: .

⇒ Those are only few momentums that make MECO as great conference. THANK YOU TO ALL FOR GREAT SUCCESS! 

⇒  Visit our Library for interesting presentations or proceedings. 

⇒ Those are only few momentums that make MECO as great conference.

Very nice MECO2019 Gallery  of Lembit Jürimägi as well as other figures can be found at...

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MECOnet is an innovative spin-off company established by experienced scientists, university professors, industrial and service experts with the aim to bridge the gap in knowledge transfer from academia and research institutions to practitioners. 

MECOnet originated from MANT and its MECO and ECYPS ( projects as a step forward in their mission.

MECOnet advances scientific and technological progress and fosters technological innovation and excellence. 

MECOnet promotes core values of science and technology for better humanity. 

MECOnet accomplishes its mission through several departments as MECOnet Institute, MECOnet Innovative and Development Centre. 

 MECOnet Profile

Vision and Mission

The vision of our efforts is to create a sophisticated consulting and research environment, to promote entrepreneurship and creativity among young and talented Mediterranean researchers, with the stress on computing and ontology for global environment and global peace:

According to recent strategic studies, the Mediterranean circle is of crucial importance for both issues, especially if it synergizes with the Alpic High Lands in symbiosis with researchers from the leading planetary labs.

The mission supporting the above vision, involves two Nobel Laureates, dedicated to entrepreneurship and creativity of young and talented, involves cooperation with researchers from major labs in Massachusetts, USA, with experiences in environment and defence, as well as with the researchers of some major universities in the MidWest of the USA, and also involves cooperation with distinguished professors and universities of Alpic countries of Europe as well as overall Europe and Worldwide.

MECOnet Institute

MECOnet Institute is a unit of MECOnet responsible for advanced research in various fields of science and technology (HiTech), with emphasis on computing and ontology. It is governed  by the boards composed of outstanding experts and scientists worldwide. More about MECOnet Institute and its activities, calls, etc..

Press and Media

Addressing of Nobel Milton Friedman to participants of MECO'2019 Conference


An exclusive Interview for MECOnet, Tim Hunt, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2001, Keynote Speaker at MECO'2018.   


Interview with Howard Mzoskowitz mind genomics advisor as  well as the  short interviews with Koen de Bosschere - Director of the HiPeac Project and Agnis Stibe, MIT, Boston, all keynotes at MECO'2018. 



  • MECO’2019, The 8th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, Budva, Montenegro, 10th -14th June 2019, Announced.
  • ECYPS’2019, 7th EUROMICRO/IEEE Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, Budva, Montenegro, 10th -14th June 2019, Announced. 
  • More about MECOnet Events !


MECOnet publish for students, scientists, expert, industry and all interested in advanced science and technology. Pls. visit:

Development and Products

MECOnet is very active innovative company in development of new products and services from filed of advanced technologies. More... 


MECOnet initiate its own projects or participate in international calls with emphasis to EU Research Area. More...

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