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Mediterranean Excellence in Computing and Ontology


MECOnet is an excellent place for young people seeking real knowledge and willing to work on yourself improvement. If you are a fan of new technologies or knowledge at all, then the MECOnet is a right place for you to start a your career.

We are proud that all the young people who worked with us quickly acquired usable knowledge that enabled them to get good jobs

If you want to join the MECOnet team, write to us via (send short CV and Motivation Letter).

We will find an adequate project for all professions, challenging cutting edge mainstreams in social, humanistic, science and technology...

Also, we are employing young people by the Programme of Government of Montenegro (Strucno Usavrsavanje). Pls. go to Euprava for more info and offered possitions.  Pls. write and contact us if you are interested. 

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MECOnet is open for open minds and fresh ideas. Contact us by or social networks.