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Mediterranean Excellence in Computing and Ontology

Career with MECOnet

MECOnet is an excellent place for young people seeking real knowledge and willing to work on real projects. 

We are proud that young people has been working for us acquired usable knowledge that enabled them to get good jobs in prestigues worldwide companies and become recognised experts. 

We will find an adequate project for all professions, challenging cutting edge mainstreams in social, humanistic, science and technology...

  • Self-improvement work and project. We search for hardware/software developers. IoT developers. If you want to improve your hardware/software career in cutting edge technologies, join MECO team from which you can learn a lot.
    • work on custom based projects (if you like to develop your own products/idea from electronics, telecommunications, ICT, IoT we will support you with "know-how", excellent working envirinment, good networking and intensive training. 
    • work on thesis, specialisations, master PhD, only ). If you like to find a practical topic for your thesis we have range of choices for different fields. 
  • Open jobs on projects: Project SMART4ALL is searching for team members...more...
  • Euprava. (Strucno Usavrsavanje). Also, we are employing young people by the Programme of Government of Montenegro
  • Young researchers/volunteers. If you are a student, willing to learn practical things then it is right place for you.

If you want to join the MECOnet team, write us (send short CV and Motivation Letter).

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