The members of SMART4ALL Consortium including students, teachers, professionals and staff can participate to MECO, CPSIoT and Summer School events under special conditions. If the participation is funded from SMART4ALL project the participants (authors) should to pay given fees.

Participation info for Summer School

Participation info for Special Session

How to register, request invoice and pay fees?

Sugessted Accomodation

Summer School

A1: Student, Summer School,  in-venue, 250 EUR

A2: Others, Summer School  (teachers, professionals and staff),  in venue, 300 EUR

A3: Student, Summer School, on-line, 3 (3 per institution), FREE

A4: Others, Summer School, on line, (teachers, professionals and staff), 3 per institution,  FREE

The fee covers:  tuition fee, Logistic fee, Premises fee, access to all sessions, publication in proceedings fee, lunches in 5* hotel, cafe brakes etc..

More info: https://mecoconference.me/ss-cpsiot2024/

Special Session

B1: Full paper, MECO Special Session, in-venue: 350 EUR first paper, the 2nd paper registered to same author 250 EUR

B2: Full paper, MECO Special Session, student, in-venue: 290 EUR first paper, the 2nd paper registered to same author 200 EUR

B3: Short demo paper or paper from PAE Experiment, Special Session, in venue (students, other): 250 EUR 

B4: Participant (without paper, but active), Special Session, in-venue: 250 EUR 

B5: Company/project presentation or dissemination,in venue,  250 EUR per person + 300 EUR multimedia

On-line participation, discount 25% on above prices

The fee covers: review fee, publication fee, logistic fee, premises fee, tuition and access fee, lunches in 5* hotel, cafe brakes etc..

How to submit full paper: https://mecoconference.me/meco-submissions/

Short/demo paper (Suitable for PAE Experiment, max 2 pages):

Send short/demo papers to meco.conference@gmail.com under subject “SHORT PAPER MECO”
More info (topics etc…): https://mecoconference.me/special-sessions/#ss4a

How to register, request invoice and pay fees?

Please fill the data of the participants you like to register by categories (copy paste in email) as well as data to whom invoice to be issued and send inquiry to meco.conference@gmail.com with subject “Registration for S4ALL at MECO 2022”. The payment should be paid to authorized conference agency (Arka Travel) using BANK TRANSFER (SWIFT).

Send inquiry


Suggested accomodation

Hotel Budva is Conference Venue Hotel, in city centre, high booking interest and usually less available rooms. Other alternatives are.

Hotel Slovenska Plaza (3* and 4*, 400 m from conference venue (Hotel Budva))

SLOVENSKA PLAŽA 3 *: FB, 1/2 , 34 € per person: FB, 1/1, 41 € per person.

SLOVENSKA PLAŽA 4 *: FB, 1/2, 39 € per person: FB, 1/1, 45 €

deduction for HB service – 3 € (from the price for FB)

deduction for BB service – 6 € (from the price for FB)

journ tax and insurance is € 1.50

The listed prices are valid per person per day

Contact: Please mention “MECO”

Hotelska grupa “Budvanska rivijera” A.D. | Trg Slobode 1, 85310 Budva, Montenegro

Tel.: + 382 (0) 33 40 24 56

E-mail: br.sales@budvanskarivijera.co.me

Web adress: https://www.hgbudvanskarivijera.com

Hotel BIP, low cost, but correct hotel, good for students, arount 900m from Conference Venue

Mention “MECO”

Additional info on accomodation and travel

Direct contact:

Denisa Krijestorac, denisakr96@gmail.com, +382 (0) 69922643

Matija Stojanovic, mato.sto1@gmail.com , +382 (0) 68309663

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