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Mediterranean Excellence in Computing and Ontology

MECOnet Institute

MECOnet Institute is responsible for Advanced Research and Development in various fields of science and technology, with emphasis on computing and ontology. It is governed  by the boards composed of outstanding experts worldwide. 

One of the main activities of the Institute is the participation in different Projects.

The Institute also expects to be very active in Higher Education (all levels, BSc, MSc, PhD).

The MECOnet Socially Responsible ActivitiesPeriodically, MECOnet organizes e-discussions on the important issues of interest for computing and ontology in general, and for the research of Mediterranean countries in particular. All members of the MECOnet boards are welcome to propose and moderate the topics they find relevant. Conclusions will be offered to relevant media for worldwide dissemination. 

Management Board

Prof. dr Lech Jozwiak, Netherlands and Poland

Prof. dr Veljko Milutinovic,  Serbia and University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Prof. dr Radovan Stojanovic, Montenegro

Dr Dmitry TarasovMontenegro 

Advisory Board

 Jerome Friedman, MIT
Sheldon Glashow, Boston
Tim Hunt, Okinawa
Dan Shechtman, Haifa, pending


       Michael Flynn, Stanford
       Alan Jay Smith, UC Berkeley
       Akira Tsuda, Harvard
       Robert MacCurdy, MIT and Colorado
       Israel Koren, University of Massachussets in Amherst
       Hillel Levine, Boston University
       Alan Gottlieb, Courant of NYU
       Gordana Vunjak, Columbia
       Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue Univeristy
       Amr Sabry, Indiana University in Bloomington
       Borko Furht, FAU, Florida
       Naphtali Rishe, FIU, Florida


       Oskar Mencer, Imperial, London
       Vlatko Vedral, Oxford
       Sir George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, Cambridge
       Vladimir Terzija, Manchester


       Michael Resch, Stuttgart
       Rainer Leupers, Aachen


       Onur Mutlu, ETH, Zurich
       TBA, EPFL, Lausanne


       Schachram Dustdar, TUWIEN, Vienna
       Eduard Mehofer, UNIWIE, Vienna


       Anton Kos, FE, Ljubljana
       Marko Bajec, FRI, Ljubljana


       Fujii, The Space Elevator Initiative
       Okubo, The Space Energy Initiative


       X Z Dong, Tsinghua University, Beijing
       Lei Ding, Shandong Univeristy, Jinan


       Lubisa Stankovic, Podgorica
       Zhilbert Tafa, Ulcinj


       Veljko Milutinovic


       Milos Kotlar, Computing
       Nenad Krdzavac, Ontology


permanent and contract based staff:

Anka Ralevic, CEO

Jovan Djurkovic, dipl. ing, designer

Matija Stojanovic, legal support

Working environment 

The administrative office of MECOnet  is located in Podgorica,  Montenegro, Filipa Lainovica Street 19,  while the main working and reception environment is a harmony of nature and technology,  located in Pricelje, near the river Zeta, 7km away from the Millenium Brigde, in an old Mediterranean Memorial Estate.

Products and research


Partnerships and recognitions