Date: 27. February 2023.

Place: UpBeat Hub, Kuća Čubranovića 1630


List of in person attendees

❗ Don’t miss an unique opportunity to learn how to develop and fund your project, from scratch to the final product ❗

In a series of lectures you will learn how to:

🟢 Develop your product – from prototype🟢
🟢 Finance your idea – through DIH and SAE initiatives, Marketplace and cascade funding🟢
🟢 Develop your organisation – through Living Lab and other opportunities 🟢
🟢 Legally protect your product and implement your project ideas!🟢

🌎 Each of the lectures will be attended by proven experts from the respective fields, including international partners from FundingBox (Poland), DIH4CPS (Portugal), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development: iED (Greece), FTN (Serbia), SMART4ALL (Horizon2020) as well as proven experts from spheres of industry and academia.


9:30-10:45 prof. dr Radovan Stojanović, dr Dimitry Tarasov, Jovan Djurkovic (MECOnet, MANT) – Showcasing SMART4ALL Internal PAEs – how to build your prototype 
10:45-11:00COFFE BREAK
11:00-11:20Boris Antic (FTN, SMART4ALL) – Beyond SAE initiative: EDIH and SMART4ALL Marketplace 
11:20-11:45Jose Ferriera, UniNova (Portugal) – Presentation of DIH4CPS opportunities
11:45-12:10Elissavet Pavlitsa, iED (Greece) – “JOIST Innovation Park” 
12:10-12:30Antonio Montalvo, Maria Karpilowska, Maria Roca, Anca Marin (Fundingbox, Poland) – Funding opportunities for SMEs and DIHs
13:00-14:30Dr. Milica Mukadinovic, Igor Milosevic, Ana Marjanovic (UpBeatHub, Montenegro) –  The participation of the research community in the development of solutions through an independent infrastructure
16:00-16:45Dr Nina Radulović (Bar Association, Montenegro) – How to legally protect your inovation and product
16:45-17:30Mr Matija Stojanović (MECOnet) – Legal protection of innovation and product realization
17:30-19:00Informal discussion with all the participants

Self-sustained customized cyberphysical system experiments for capacity building among European stakeholders (SMART4ALL)

H2020 Project. The project will build capacity (via Open Calls) amongst European stakeholders through the development of self-sustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets CLEC (Customized low energy computing) CPS/IoT and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together different cultures, policies, geographical areas and application domains under a common vision. From January 2020.

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